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Catalunya, Spain

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  • Michal 4 lata, 8 miesięcy ago

    Dear juanpa, I hope you speak English as I am not able to speak Spanish in contrast o my daughter who studied in Valencia 3 years ago for one semester. It seems that you are based in Catalunya, maybe near Barcelona since I noticed that you put a lot of routes in BCN on inlinemap.net. I love to skate, too, and I am going to visit BCN again for a business trip since 20th June to 23rd. I will have time to skate probably on 20 the evening and on 22nd morning or afternoon. So I wanted to be prepared and to have some idea where to skate there. I am not young any more :-) but I still love skating. I think I have similar habits like you, I would probably also ride the similar routes as you, if in Barcelona. I am based in Prague, Czechia, and also like to skate through city. But Prague streets are not very friendly to inline skaters. So, tell me, please, do you skate normally on pavements or on the street within BCN area? I guess that on Montjuic you skate on streets - I remember it a bit since my last visit to BCN long time ago (no skating). It would be hard to brake downhill on pavement. Besides skating I would also like to some sights again like parc Güell, Sagrada Familia etc. So, I will try to ride some fo your routes. Best regards Michal

  • juanpa 3 lata, 12 miesięcy ago

    Hello Michal I don't see yor letter before because in the last montsI use inlinemap.net only to design routes. I put the register of the new routes performed in Garmin since I have the GPS clock Forerunner 235. If you has become to Barcelona you can realize than is a big city to skate with a lot of km to skate in bike lines. I am more interested in the neighbours of the city, finfins paths to skate out of the highways in beautiful places with a group of friends, normally in sunday. You can find us in Facebbok in Domingueros sobre Ruedas and Rutas de Domingueros sobre Ruedas. You can to find the tracks also in DSR page. Maybe next time we can to meet. Regards!

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