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Wien, Austria

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  • Speedy 11 years ago

    # 0 Minutes ago Hallo , can you give me an inspiration for in line trip trought the centre of Wiena town ? I want to go to Wiena with me friends to skateing at wiena island and Wiena centr during 4-5/2011. Thank you. Speedy ada http://www.inlinemap.net/user/Speedy%20ada

  • tenul 11 years ago

    Hi, look here: http://www.nightskating.at/new/viewforum.php?f=8 These is a collection of all the routes that were run during the Viennese "Friday Nightskating"-season. Of course you cannot skate on the street, but on the sidewalk. A fine skating area where you can make a lot of kilometres is "Donauinsel" / Danube-Island. Also, you should join "Friday Nightskating"- it will be best to subscribe there, so you always will stay informed and can also discuss & put questions in the forum / community. Have fun!

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