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Granma, Viet Nam

<p>Duhal led street lights are being selected for use in many street projects: highways, highways, bridges, tunnels ... Duhal street lights are integrated with many great advantages such as bringing imported led chip technology. directly from Samsung, with carefully selected raw materials should add more quality assurance to the entire lighting system.</p> <p>Duhal led street lights do not contain dangerous toxic substances such as ultraviolet rays, fluorescent powders ... so do not pollute the environment, they are especially safe for passengers on the road. And so that you absolutely can safely use Duhal street lamps to achieve maximum lighting effect.</p> <p>LED chip of Duhal street light: Duhal HD S60 street light with unique LED chip model design, integrated together and with enhanced luminous flux, provides the best lighting performance. The lamp ensures the IP66 standard of the LED chip is working.</p> <p><strong>Outstanding advantages of Duhal led street lights:</strong></p> <p>Duhal led street light is designed extremely modern, sophisticated and suitable for all urban roads, highways, or even the roads in the small alleys in the countryside today. Duhal led street lights not only help poor lighting, but also contribute to the beauty and aesthetics of many urban areas and residential areas.</p> <p>The lamp body and lamp cover are made of high-quality materials to ensure a solid, high pressure, in addition to fast cooling, painted surface covered with electrostatic and anti-oxidant.</p> <p>The duhal led street light helps to expand the lighting range much more than other lighting devices. Operating life over 50,000 hours of lighting. An advantage cannot be ignored is that Duhal&#39;s warranty period is very long. So when using Duhal HD S60 street lights, customers can save up to monthly electricity costs.</p> <p>You can buy led lighting at 138 Võ Văn Kiệt, TPHCM: <a href="">đèn led tại tphcm</a></p> <p>Source:&nbsp;<a href=""></a></p>

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