Questions about technology

The route and the elevation profile are not displaying right away - why?

There are a lot of routes that are edited and saved at any given point in time. The calculation of the elevation profile takes some time. Please be patient.

The elevation profile deviats from the distance markers on the route - why?

The elevation data has up to 30m (98 ft) deviance. In rare cases these deviances can add up. Therefore the distance markers and the elevation profile is not 100% accurate.

The calculated elevation is not correct!

The GPS devices are very good in measuring latitude and longitude, but they are not very good in measuring elevation. We replace the elevation data from the GPS device with elevation data from NASA so have better routes.

I do own a GPS device. Can I use Bikemap with it?

Yes. You can upload the tracks from your GPS device to Bikemap.

Currently Bikemap only understands tracks in GPX or KML format. If your device has another format you can try to use GpsBabel to convert it to GPX or KML before uploading it to Bikemap

Printing does not work in my Browser - why?

Unfortunatly printing does not work in Internet Explorer 8.

Solution: Please consider updating your Internet Explorer or: Go to full screen mode (F11) and press the print screen button. Now you can print the generated screenshot as an image.