General questions

What is Bikemap?

Bikemap is a huge collection of bike routes. Possibly its the biggest in the world. There are bike routes created by our users and official bike routes.

What are routes by users?

These routes are created by our users. Amongst others we have routes of weekend tours, longer holiday trips or the way to work.

What are official routes?

These routes are maintained by official organizations. These can be joyful rides for toursists, single trails for mountain bikers or really long routes crossing whole continents, like the Eurovelo 7.

What does Bikemap cost?

Nothing, Bikemap is free.

Do I need to register?

No, Bikemap works without registration.

With a registration you can use more functions of Bikemap. You can create your personal route collection and a training diary and you can edit and delete your routes.

If you enter your postal code Bikemap can show you routes near to you.

How do you use my data?

We will keep your personal data save and will not pass it on to any third parties.

Why do I have to confirm my email address when registering?

Bikemap has grown strongly in the last years and wants to provide a fair community in which the needs of all users are respected. Therefore Bikemap has to be able to verify the ownership of your inbox to contact every registered user. This is especially important for notifications which are required by law (e.g. adaptions of Terms of Service).

How can I confirm my email address?

If you create a new account or change your existing email address you will automatically receive a verification email with which you can confirm your email address by clicking on the provided link.

Please also confirm your Facebook E-Mail address when you logged in via Facebook.

Until you complete this process Bikemap will not send you any requested communications.

I did not receive a verification email, what can I do?

If you have trouble receiving your verification email, try the following:

Wrong Address: Make sure that you have typed in your correct email address, which is displayed in your account's settings. You may correct any mistakes by editing your email address there.

Junk Mail Filter: Make sure that the verification email did not get filtered into the junk mail folder of your email application.

Blocked by ISP: In some cases emails may be accidentally blocked by anti-spam technology used by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Contact your ISP and ask them if they are blocking emails sent by 'Bikemap'.

Resend verification email: If your email address is not confirmed, a notifcation will automatically be displayed on with a link where you can resend the verification email.

If you are still unable to receive the verification email after solving all the above issues, send us a message on Facebook or to Please always include your username.

Something is not working or I got a question. Where do I get help?

Please search for your question in the user forum. Chances are high, that your issue has already been discussed or that another Bikemap user can help you!

Furthermore you can write us a message on our Bikemap Facebook Page. We are not on Facebook every day, please be patient if your question is not answered immediately.

You can also send your problem to

If there is an issue with you account or with certain routes, please also provide us with your username and a link to the problem.

Who are you?

Christof Hinterplattner, Tobias Seiler, Katrin Schober, Reinhard Hafenscher, Helge Fahrnberger, Peter Eich, Max Wukits, Anton Pirker, Mario Ivanov, Peter Höflehner.

How did Bikemap originate?

Peter Eich had the idea, Helge Fahrnberger brought it to life. The site exists since April, 2007.

Because of the success of Bikemap we founded Toursprung in 2008.